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About Hi Times Boxers


Although our kennel "Hi Times" was only established in 1995 with the arrival of our first litter, we have lived with our beautiful Boxers for almost 25 years. I purchased my first Boxer from Eve Whitmore in 1978, a show quality male, which we "pointed" named Haviland's Raincheck.

Later I purchased our foundation bitch, which we showed to her championship, Ch. Mephisto's Deja Vu (Pennhip,OFA TT) "Java", a Am/Cdn.BIS.BISS.Ch. Mephisto's Rosenkavalier (OFA) "Robbie" (Top Boxer for 2 years) daughter. We bred her twice. First to her half brother Int.BIS.BISS.Ch. Mephisto's Guns and Roses (OFA) "Buddy" (Top Boxer for 2 years). In that litter we produced two beautiful bitches and showed them to their championships, Taboo Ch. Hi Times Heavensent By Mephisto (Pennhip,TT) and Mocha, Ch. Hi Times Pagan Lady of Mephisto (Pennhip).

In Java's second litter we bred her to Am. Ch. Caymans Dapper Dan (OFA). She only produced one puppy in that litter. Ch. Hi Times Bound For Glory (Pennhip,TT), Glory. Although only having 1 puppy in the litter was a bit upsetting, Glory made up for it with her beauty and temperament. She has a great head with beautiful expression, style and awesome movement. Glory, at the age of 1 year, passed her Temperament Test with an EXCELLENT. Her mother and Taboo both achieved GOOD ratings for temperament. All of our bitches were PennHipped, Eye tested and Heart Tested. Java was also rated OFA "Good". We are proud to say that from Java, our first bitch and two of her daughters we have produced 7 champions!!!(two of them are also American Champions. All of these champions were produced in our first two generations of breeding. Hopefully more Champions to come in our 3rd generation when we will be breeding Dreamer and Eden in 2002

In 1998 Taboo had her 1st litter by Am./Cdn. Ch. Doll Announces Veni Vedi Vici OFA. She had 3 puppies, Echo, Cooper and Kelly. To view them go to the Pictures page.

In 1999 Mocha had a litter when she was bred to Am./Cdn.BIS.BISS. Ch. Berlanes Causin' an Uproar (Top Boxer for 3 years!!). From that litter we have 3 stars, Wicked, Trouble and Eden.

Glory was bred to Am./Cdn. Ch. Caymans Black Bart(OFA) on Christmas Eve 1999. Bart's mother and Glory's father were littermates, making Bart and Glory cousins. From that litter of 3, we produced our next champion, to see Dreamer visit Dreamer's page. For information on this and other exciting litters, please contact us.

At Hi Times all of our dogs are tested for hereditary diseases and are not bred from unless they pass these important health tests. Owner/breeder Joan Carcasole is a member, in good standing, of The Canadian Kennel Club (10 years), The Alberta Boxer Club (10 years) and Calgary Associated Dog Fanciers (7 years).