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  El Condor Development Ltd. is excited to present its newest project, a small community shopping centre located at the entrance to the new neighborhoods of Evergreen Ridge, Evergreen Estates, Bridlewood, Millrise, Shawnee Slopes, and Shawnessy. The current population of these areas is 37, 155 and the projected population  after the areas are completely built out is 34545345.
This retail centre will be located at 146 St. SW and Evergreen Ridge Rd. SW, right off of the new 37th Street bridge. The centre is located just inside of El Condorís new development, Evergreen Ridge. This community will itself have 1,400 single family homes with a projected build out date of Month, Year.
The neighborhoods directly around Evergreen Ridge Centre are very under serviced commercially. El Condor hopes to provide area residents with a centre which is made up mainly of conveniences for daily life. This centre will be ideal for a video store, pharmacy, medical offices, convenience store, bank, dry cleaner, and small fast food uses.

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