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Thank you for your inquiry about purchasing a HiTimes Boxer.
We are a small in-home hobby breeder striving to produce beautiful Boxers, bred from a line of champion health tested parents and grandparents, for show or pet homes.

We put a lot of time and effort into finding responsible and loving homes for our Boxer puppies.

In an effort to ensure that our puppies are going to receive the love and care they will require throughout their lives, we ask all potential buyers to complete this questionnaire.

If you wish to be put on our waiting list you must complete and return the questionnaire to us. I will respond within a few days. Please be aware that completing and submitting this form in no way obligates the breeder to supply you with a puppy. All potential puppy owners must first be interviewed before being placed on our "accepted" list. Only then will we try to find the right puppy for you and your family in our current/upcoming litter.

Please complete the following information and click on the "Submit" button at the bottom of the form when done. If your web browser does not support forms, please send an e-mail, including all of the appropriate information to HiTimes Boxers

Puppy Purchase Questionaire

About You

Your Name (Required):

Your Street Address (Required):

Your City, Prov./State, and Zip Code (Required):

Your E-Mail Address (Required):

Phone Number (Required):

How did you find us? (Referral from another buyer, Breeder Directory, etc.)

Why are you considering a Boxer?

What are your expectations for this dog?

If you recently had, or presently have, pets, may I please have the name, address and phone no. of your vet? May I use him/her as a reference?

Have you had dogs in the past? Breed? Spayed/neutered? What happened to them?

Will you be willing to keep in touch with the breeder throughout your dog's life?
Yes, I would stay in touch with my breeder. No, I am not interested in maintaining contact.
If not, why not?

About Your Home

Do you live in a house? Apartment? Condo? Do you own or rent? How long have you lived there?

How many persons live in the house with you? Relationship to you? If children, please specify their age.

Do you have a fenced yard, invisible fencing, chain link kennel or run or no fencing at all?
Yes I have a fenced yard. Yes I have invisible fencing Yes I have a chain link kennel or run No, I do not have a fenced yard of any kind

If you do not have any kind of fencing, how will you provide security for your puppy when its outside or when you're away?

If there are other pets in the home, please specify type, age, spayed/neutered.

About Boxers

Do you realize that Boxers can be dog aggressive (not to be confused with people aggression) and that it might not be possible for you to own another same sexed dog that is within 5 years of it's age?

Are you aware that Boxers cannot tolerate extremely hot or cold weather and that Boxers are "housedogs" that are not to be housed in a garage, place of business, outdoor kennel, or any other building that is not your normal place of residence?

Are you aware that Boxers have a moderately high to very high energy level?

About Your Puppy If someone is not at home during the day, will a family member/neighbor/friend be able to let the puppy out to relieve him/herself?

Will you purchase an appropriate sized dog crate and continue the crate training that will have started with the breeder?

Are you aware that young puppies will pee almost every hour., after every drink of water, after hard play, after they wake up, after they are let out of their crate?

Are you aware that Boxer puppies can be quite destructive if let unattended?

In order of importance what are the top three qualities or characteristics you would like in your puppy and why do you like these particular qualities or characteristics?

Please indicate below which qualities you would like in your dog. (Check all that apply).
Friendly Protective Fast Learner Quiet Companion Laid Back High Energy Other
(If other, please specify)

What sex do you prefer and why?
Male Female
(Please explain your reasons)

Are you willing to take the other sex if your choice is not available and if not why not?
Yes, I am willing to take either sex No, I am not willing to take the other sex
(If not, please explain your reasons)

What color do you prefer?
Flashy Fawn Flashy Brindle Plain FawnPlain Brindle WhiteNo preference

If your preference is not available would you be willing to take another color?
Yes, I will take another color. No, I will not take another color.

Do you intend to spay or neuter this animal?
Yes, I intend to spay or neuter No, I do not intend to spay or neuter

Why or why not (spay or neuter)?

Would you agree to sign a contract to spay/neuter your dog by 6 months of age?
Yes, I would agree to sign a spay/neuter contract No, I do not intend to sign.

If no, why?

Your Puppy and You

What types of things will you do to socialize your puppy and get him/her used to other people, dogs, noises, etc?

What activities are you interested in doing with your dog? (Check all that apply.)
Conformation Obedience Agility Companion Tracking Protection Schutzhund Other
(If other, please specify)

Why do these activities interest you?

Do you plan on attending Obedience classes with your puppy so that YOU will learn to be a leader to your dog?
Yes, I plan on attending Obedience classes No, I do not plan on attending Obedience classes

About Your Purchase

When are you looking to purchase a dog/puppy?
Immediately Within the next 6 months Within a year I'm willing to wait for the right dog

Please indicate which of the following describes why you are purchasing this dog. (Check all that apply).
Family Pet Breeding Prospect Show Dog Working Obedience Agility Guard/Protection Other
(If other, please specify)

Please use this space to add any additional comments about yourself or to ask any questions.