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Is a Boxer the right dog for you???

Is a Boxer the right breed for you? Boxers are not for the faint of heart. They love to run and play and jump around when your guests come to the door. (Mind you they will fall asleep within minutes of realizing that your guests don't have a treat for them!).

Boxers are big, strong, agile dogs with high energy levels that require at least 1/2 hour of walking per day, not to mention lots of training time while they are still young. Boxers need LOTS of toys, otherwise they will turn shoes, socks, underwear and even stair cases into chew toys. They must be crate trained when they are young so that when you leave they will not tear up the house. Locking a Boxer in a bathroom or laundry room won't do. They will want to be with you and will get to you no matter what, even if they have to chew through a door to do it!! A Boxer must never, ever, ever be tied up!

A mature Boxer (Boxers don't get a brain until the age of 2) who has been properly trained may be left alone in the house. If you decide to do this remember to make sure that there is nothing poisonous that your dog can get into.

Boxers are NOT outdoor dogs (unless you are going to out there with them!). They really do want to be where you are...if your in...then they want to be in..if your out then they want to be out. They believe they will drown in the rain and are such excellent actors that even on the hottest day will start shivering when you look at them so they can convince you to bring them indoors.

As with most dogs you will need quite a bit of time, energy and patience to train a boxer. It can be a rewarding and/ or humbling experience.

The Boxer is a very smart dog but can be stubborn and get become bored easily. Boxers pretty much always win when they don't want to do something. It's important to start training when they are very young and easier to boss around!! At this young age they are very easy to impress with your strength and speed. You should become the "leader" of the pack and should use training techniques that allow this process to take place.

The best qualities of a Boxer are that it has a remarkable sense of humour, they are extremely loyal and stoic with young children. They are always ready to play, but are also willing to curl up and rest by your feet while you sit and read. They are the most "mood mirroring" breed that I've ever seen. By this, I mean, that they will be "up" when you are up and become "quiet" when you are feeling blue. They will never tolerate violence against their owners, but understand the difference between a real threat and a perceived threat. I have found that this is a very special and rare quality that isn't naturally found in most other breeds.

The last quality of the Boxer that I will mention is it's "cute beyond cute face". Some people find their look intimidating...but I see a natural born clown lurking behind those eyes! When I look into their eyes..I see a question "WWHHAAATTTTT???" When they are excited they bark and whine and leap around wagging their little tail so enthusiastically that the wag goes right up through to the head!! Nothing could come close to the endearing quality of a 10 week old Boxer puppy in his/her wrinkled joy. Nothing could bring tears to your eyes quicker than the expression of your loyal, old and graying boxer. These are the qualities that have made the Boxer MY breed of choice, since 1977. Joan Carcasole