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Wins at Hi Times

Am./Cdn. BIS Ch. Hi Times West of Wicked
1 BIS, 3 Gr. 1, 5 Gr.2, 3 Gr.3, 1 Gr. 4, 22 BOBs, (2 BOB's at Working/Herding Specialties)and 2 BOS at Boxer Specialties. Wicked obtained her Canadian Championship in 2000 and American championship in 2001!
Am./Can. Multi-Group Placing Ch. Hi Times North of Naughty
8 BPIB, 5 BOB, 1Gr.2, 1 Award of Merit (Boxer Club of Canada Regional),BOB (Alberta Working Herding Specialty)
Ch. Hi Times East of Eden
WB, BOS, 3pts,(over specials) under breeder judge Jack Ireland, WB at NACA 4pts under Larry Kereluke, and then BOW for a 5pt win under Swedish judge Mr. Kenneth Edh. Obtained her championship in 7 shows. That is an amazing feat for a black faced plain!
Ch. Hi Times Daydreams and Beyond
1st Junior Puppy, Alberta Working Herding Specialty (2000). Obtained her Canadian championship at 14 months.
Ch. Hi Times Pagan Lady Mephisto
1 GR.2, 2 Gr.4,6 BOB, 7 BOS, 1 SBOS, 1 Dam & Progeny at the Alberta Boxer Club 2000 and in the US. 1 BOB (2 pts.)
Ch. Hi Times Heavensent By Mephisto
4 BOB, 7 BOS, 1 GR.4, 2 BPIG
Ch. Hi Times Bound for Glory
1 BOB, 3 BOS, 1 GR.4, 1 BPIG